When the wolf eyed the moon

poem by Lalit

And once the light came,
He opened both his eyes.
Overwhelmed by what he saw,
His howl filled the skies.

The remnant of cry was called a croon,
When the wolf eyed the moon.

He looked above for ages
And cherished the sight.
Teary-eyed, never blinking,
For so he hungered the night.

And so he wished it all in swoon,
When the wolf eyed the moon.

He sped to get the sky for self,
Across plains, deserts and trees.
Across the lakes, the rocks, the hills,
And across the cool river debris.

When he shivered in a lone cave room,
Was when the wolf eyed the moon.

With his flesh spiked with thorns,
Bones chilled, hide worn and ripped,
He walked along a tableland,
Trembled, devoid of strength, and slipped.

When he got up, and stood on the ruin,
Was when the wolf eyed the moon.

He walked about dizzy and adrift,
Singing of what he dreamt.
He kept shivering through melody,
And fell over with a last bit of strength.

But alas, he closed his eyes way too soon,
And never again, did the wolf ever eye the moon.

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