Blog Team

People who work behind the scenes to bring this content for you to enjoy, let’s give them some acknowledgement, shall we?

Mankrit Singh

Coordinator, Oasis 2020

If you accidentally stumble into the BITS library and find yourself looking at a tall student poring over a book on Physics, you have found Mankrit. A curious, open-minded person, he is always up for discussing interesting topics – from the texture of Chicken Tangdi to the elasticity of the fabric of time. His poems reflect his deep thoughts on life, in an effort to extract meaning out of them.

Deeksha Shridhar

Joint Coordinator, Oasis 2020

Deeksha is our current Joint Coordinator and has been consistently enthusiastic about bringing up new things to the table, be it poetry or any piece of art. She stands out due to her out-of-the-box ideas, driven work ethic along with an empathetic nature towards all the working club members. Her writing is varied across multiple themes and her recitation keeps her poetry lively and the audience thoroughly engaged. She’s a jolly person to be with and an extremely caring friend.

Mrudula Bhave


The tigress of the girls’ hostel can be found every evening at the “All Night Canteen”, devouring her (VEG) pizza, after an exhausting day of labs and lectures. Petite, yet fiery, this lady has a wide range of interests – from animals to business to Roger Federer – and guards them with uncompromising passion. Her pieces stand testament to this.

Manraj Singh Bhatia

Former Coordinator, APOGEE 2020

Manraj is our former club Coordinator and has been an integral part of the club. Whether it comes to sharing some fun moments and gossip with juniors or thinking of and executing new ideas, Manraj has been a front runner for both. He has also written quite a few Hindi poems with interesting commentaries on topics like politics

Shivam Singh

Former Joint Coordinator, APOGEE 2020

Assiduous, laborious, engrossed, sedulous are not his adjectives but if you find such tough and new words in this blog be damn sure that you are reading one of his pieces. Shivam, known as Ironman , Shashi Tharoor and personal Gau Rakshak of Poetry Club can be often seen chanting random Bhojpuri and Hindi songs in his stentorious voice. This proud to be a Delhi guy is full of deep thoughts which can be seen in his poetry and writings

Saumitra Rai

Former Secretary

Saumitra has been our former Secretary and is known for his beautiful and critical insights on literature and cinema. He extends this nature in person too by being upfront and honest about his views, something that few can claim. He is also known for his ever present obsession for Arundhati Roy, an author he sincerely looks upto and can promptly start a detailed monologue about. Always a friend to good discussions, you may catch a glimpse of his versatility as a critic and a poet on the blog posts.

Bhavya Shandilya

Bhavya is that guy who has this caustic sense of humour that will leave in you stitches every time he opens his mouth. Be it to rag you or to have your back. From cringe-y conversations to extremely unproductive banters, he is the master of all. His deep love for poetry and rich understanding of deep seated philosophy is reflected in his poems which dwell on the innumerable aspects of day to day occurrences.

Hrishabh Sehrawat

You’ll find him raving about why animation is an art much more expressive than any other cinematic form, or why hip-hop is necessary for music to survive in this era of stale pop recycled hits in the corridors of his wing, Hrishabh is identifiable by his yellow earbuds which are an integral part of his personality. He writes about the slice of life that makes humans, humans and ties them up with the social evils that are prevalent in our life. He is also the person who edited this page :’)

Isha Srivastava

Isha is a charismatic person known for her calm temperament and her obsession with chocolates. You can see her rustling through books in the library and not panic even if it’s midnight, that’s how ghot she is. A jack of all trades, she makes the most of all opportunities except for her objectional choice of departments and clubs. This young poet is a great dancer and bakes too, so don’t shy from asking her some bites, which by the way she has already kept ready for you.

Kapil Tripathy

A deep thinker, Kapil has found his love in movies and poetry, specially those aesthetic ones that focus more on cause and consequence than on flow and sequence. Confused? That’s just how deep he thinks! Although this guy sucks at sports, you can tolerate him in basketball in spite of his never ending greed to cause mischief. He can play COD all day long and claims to be thinking of a new revolution in gaming. His favourite language is C and let’s just hope that this doesn’t turn into a philosophy.

Muskan Kansal

Muskan, although usually quiet and silent, is extremely expressive once it comes to literature and books. You got an opinion about Harry or Hermione or Ron or even Hermione’s cat? Beware before getting into a debate with this Potterhead, because you are going down. You know one of those people who try to stay humble saying that they are amateurs and then make you cry at a game? She will do the same at carrom and then sleep peacefully, like a child. She has a really beautiful aura, as beautiful as she paints.

Neha Nallamalli

You can mostly find her either lost in the world of colors, painting beautiful canvases, or deep into thoughts, working on her next poem. When she writes, what comes out is strikingly relatable, and true. You don’t want to mess with her, ever, she is strong enough to make you realize that its a mistake and you are now in danger. She plays guitar and football too, so you won’t find a deadlier combination of skills and boldness

Prakhar Mathur

The sutli bomb of the club which explodes once in a while and everytime it does every person just sits awed at his brilliance and deep seated understanding at Poetry, Language and Life as a whole. He can pull you into a deep introspection with his words and make you wonder, is it the flower we love, or its colour, shape, and fragrance. So is sum of parts larger than the whole, or not?

Sanskar Jhajharia

A multitalented ultra ghot working day and night for NSS, Sanskar will never accept that he is almost a 10-pointer and will continue to sprinkle salt on our wounds. Being super active on social media, his stories will always be there in your feed giving you something new to read everyday. He prefers writing short couplets and poems based on Love and Hardships of life and some common issues seen in the immediate society around.

Satyam Srivastava

Satyam often the most romantic member of our club is one of the most passionate and philosophical writer of the club. With a balanced hand in both poetry and academics he is one of the devoted club members. He is the stronghold of the club when it comes to the ever expanding field of Urdu literature, which he recites in the heart-wrenching style. With a beard he refuses to cut and poetry that touches the heart, he is the chocolate boy of the club.

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