When will you begin that long journey into yourself ?

– Rumi

Zahid : A person deeply in love with God. Free from worldly desires and sorrows, he sets on a journey to discover the almighty.

Jalal-ad-din Muhammad Rumi also known as Maulana Rumi was a Persian poet, teacher and Sufi mystic who lived during 1207-1273 in the modern day Konya(Turkey). Persia’s greatest mystic poet, Rumi is the most celebrated and translated Sufi poet because of his beautiful way of expressing devotion through poetry. He was a great scholar and teacher. Students of poetry, especially those interested in Persian studies, look to Rumi’s work as a model for the best poetry in the Persian language.

Sufi Whirling : A dance form depicting devotion to God.

One of the most famous writings of Rumi is “ Na Man Behodaa Girde

He believed that ‘it is the pure love that can touch God. The love totally away from all desires. Release all your worldly connections and set on journey inside you, to discover the love, devotion towards the creator of the universe’. Rumi writes:

Na man behooda girde kocha wa bazaar megardam

Neither foolishly nor frivolously, in the market, I roam

Mazaj-e-ashiqee daram paye dildar megardam

Possessed by the temperament of my lover I am, to have a glimpse of his beauty, I roam

Khudaya rahm kon bar man pareeshan waar megardam

O, God, the Almighty! Shower Your mercy upon me, disturbed and distracted, I roam

Khataa kaaram gunah gaaram bahaal e zaar megardam

I am guilty, I am sinful and in this wretched condition, broken, I roam

Sharaab-e-shouq mi nousham bagirde yaar megardam

The wine of fondness I drink and around my friend I dance, I roam

Sukhan mastana mi goyam waley hushyaar megardam

Like the intoxicated I talk, but like the wise I search, I roam

Gahe khandam gahe giriyam gahe uftam gahe khezam

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I weep, sometimes I fall, sometimes I rise

Maseeha dar dilam paida ho mann bimaar megardam

The savior is at the doorstep of my heart, yet like a sick man distracted, I roam

Bayaan jaanan inayat kun to maulana-e-rumi ra

O Beloved! come and help your Maulana Rumi

Ghulam-e-shams tabrezam qalandar war megardam

I am a slave of Shams Tabrizi, enraptured like a Qalandar,I roam

Rumi always depicted God as a lover, a friend, a partner and a guardian. According to him, there is a purity in every heart that touches God. He believed in the omnipresent, singular form of God. In his writings, he conveyed the message of ‘Zahidi’ or devotion. His poems are widely sung among sufi community. Rumi, respectfully stated as the Nation Poet of Ancient Persia is still celebrated as a source of inspiration and brilliance poetry that touches the hearts of both Men and God.

Youtube links of Rumi’s creation ‘Na man behudaa Girde’ :-

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