Book Review: Karna’s Wife

-by Kavita Kane

-review by Muskan Kansal

Sometimes right and wrong is just a matter of perspective, if I am right that does not mean you are wrong, we just stand at the different sides of the same coin.

If you crave for a fresh perspective, for looking at epic tale of Mahabharata from a not so mainstream point of view, this book is for you. Written by Kavita Kane, this book explores the life of princess Uruvi of Pukeya, the outcast’s queen. Uruvi is a strong-willed girl who does not hesitate to speak her mind and stand for what she feels is right. Being a single child, she is pampered and everyone’ favorite, being exceptionally close to Kunti, mother of the pandavas. She spends her childhood playing with Kauravas and Pandavas at the Hastinapur court and everyone starts to believes she would marry Arjun, the Pandava prince. But fate has its own game to play and she ends up falling for Karna, king of Anga, infamously known as sutputra. Now starts the phase of her life Uruvi had never imagined, starting from making everyone come to terms with her decision to marry karna, to adopting to a new lifestyle of being ignored and gossiped about, Uruvi has a lot to face. But nothing is as devastating as Karna’s blind devotion to Duryodhana and his undying sense of duty towards their friendship. Though well aware of the consequences of their friendship, Uruvi fails to convince Karna to leave his friend who is paving the way towards his destruction. While fighting against all that Uruvi’s fate has in store for her she learns something about her godmother Kunti, something that makes even the thought of Kunti unbearable to her, Kunti the same woman who she thought of as her mother. Then there is something unusual about the way karna hosts hatred for Draupadi, for publicly shaming him on her swayamvar. Is this intense hatred a disguised form of another feeling? Is it just Karna or is Draupadi hiding something too?  

The book intricately goes through the lifes of Uruvi, Karna, Draupadi, Kunti, Duryodhana and Arjun. It gives you a peak into the mind of princess Uruvi and her perception of Karna and all that happened in the epic tale of power, greed, deceit and love, a story which blurred the lines of right and wrong for ages and till date, Mahabharata. What was wrong and what was right is not what this book talks about. Who was wronged? And what circumstances made it happen is what the book tells you.

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