Before he sleeps tomorrow

-poem by N.C. Saketh

Voices in his head take him on voyages

In the midst of the sea where noises

get a rest to see the true blue 

He anchors it to take a plunge through

the nipping surface, this time he’s hoping to

get in the debris of a condemned ship

But sharks around wouldn’t let him in.

He was an unopened bottle yet to be tasted

The pub was full but he wanted to make no addict.

He witnessed few broken bottles but said he wasn’t afraid to be one

He wanted to be clasped around but to be looked through by none

He feared to be left open, vulnerable

As wanted he stood at the end of the shelf, aloof.

The ship sank, calendars no longer cared

But he seemed fine and undamaged,

But when he found himself in the ship

 It was about time to expire.

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