-poem by Mankrit Singh

The walls began cracking
and out emerged vines
coloured differently.

They sang together in harmony
through the darkness,
but then the leaves grew into eyes,
the flowers bloomed into mouths;
laughing, shouting, smiling, blinking-
All in chaotic harmony
and silent gibberish.

I glanced at them, my eyes adjusting
to the darkness that coursed
through the bloodstream of the night.

I lie
and they grow,
they grow all around me
smile some, laugh some more
I let them take over me.

Few of them deliver a fruit
but my entanglement prevents me from eating it
and it decays right in front of my eyes.

I lie,
hungry and tired,
in quiet madness.

I see them, they see me.
With a bedroom such as this
How does one sleep at night?

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