Where do old birds go to die?

-By Chaitanya PVSK

“Do old birds dream of a paradise?

Do they search for a future

In every crystal ball of rain?

 Does its memory too escape them

With every sigh?

Where do old birds go to die?

Do their songs go bitter

With faith flying off their feathers?

Are dewdrops just tears of an old bird

That wept all night? 

When the next morning comes without a sunrise, 

Where do old birds go to die?

Do they look for a soft place to fall,

Pillow of winds

Carpets of grass?

Having lived in skies for far too long,

Do they turn into dandelions

Once they die?

Not each one of them

Ends up on the wire mesh,

Not all are lucky to find nests abandoned,

When their beaks can no longer hold in them

Pieces of heaven, 

Where do old birds go to die?

The hour’s hand wipes off

The blue of the sky

While the bird sitting on its edge

Shrugs life off its shoulders,

Drops eternity hanging to its claws.

It slits the veil of the night, 

Stepping into the other side of the sky

As a ghost all over again.”
(Line from The Ministry of Utmost Happiness)

Chaitanya, also known as Chitti, has been an active member in the Club since 1st year and then again from 2nd year. Always on the hunt for fun and gossip, he’s one of the most interactive and helpful people, towards seniors, juniors and batch-mate alike. His poetry has often captivated the viewer through very direct and simple wording, often with deep meanings and colourful use of imagery.

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